My story

My Name is Steven and I make soy candles....

The first time I told my friends this, they looked at me like I was letting out some embarrassing secret. It is not something you usually hear from a thirty-year-old man, let alone that I was trying to start a business. The truth of it though is that it has been an obsession of mine since I was a teenager.

I remember being young and racing away from my mother in the stores as soon as I saw the candle aisle. I would run up and smell each of them  to see if I liked it. Even better was when I would find a particularly potent one and trick my mother into smelling it. The immediate reactions and the following looks of disdain always made me laugh. My father thought my mother was insane when, for my fourteenth birthday, she got me a wax melting kit. That very night, I made my first candle using a candy dish and I was hooked.

Years later, when I bought a candle and saw that it had a warning label about potential health risks, I did my research. I found that waxes such as paraffin, one of the most widely used, contain chemicals that can be harmful by creating carcinogens when burned. I also learned of the waxes that do not contain them and which are naturally derived. The wheels began to turn when I also saw the added benefits of these natural waxes.

Soy candles were not a “thing” in southern Georgia. I also had the skeptical looks of my father to deal with as I began to use parts of my paycheck to buy supplies. I started with just samples and an order form at work and then moved up to trying the flea market. It was there that the word got out and I decided to build a website, becoming what you see today!